When women should be concerned about hair loss

When we think about hair loss, most of us would be guilty of thinking that it’s a man’s affliction and that women don’t really suffer with this condition. But, did you know that around 40 percent of women in their 40s have experienced some form of hair loss? At YourHairDoc we see many women who are concerned and anxious about their hair loss as generally, in society it’s considered that it’s feminine for a woman to have long, lustrous and healthy hair. An unfair assumption perhaps, for those who are experiencing hair loss.

Hair Loss in Women: what’s causing it?

There are many contributing factors to women’s hair loss, from genetic predisposition and the natural onset of ageing to hormonal imbalances such as the menopause, illness, stress and lifestyle. In some cases, hair loss could be temporary. Conditions such as alopecia, stress or trauma and even pregnancy can trigger temporary hair loss.

Therefore, it’s important to undergo a full consultation with a specialist in this field, to determine the cause of your hair loss and ascertain which treatment will be affective and even necessary.

Women’s Hair Loss: treatment avenues

At YourHairDoc, we understand that if you are a woman who is losing your hair, this can cause untold anxiety and upset. Therefore, we have researched a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments aimed at the causes of female pattern baldness so that we can offer you an effective solution to restore and regain a beautiful head of hair once more.

For temporary hair loss, topical medication or laser therapy may be the solution to reduce the hair loss and encourage new hair growth.

For genetic conditions or permanent hair loss a surgical procedure may be required, where healthy hairs that are not affected, are extracted and implanted in to areas that are thinning. There are 2 main surgical techniques that we use here at YourHairDoc, FUT (STRIP) which takes a graft of healthy hairs from a donor site for re-insertion of the individual hairs in to the recipient area, or FUE, a method where individual hairs are extracted for re-insertion. These methods are highly-effective and have been used for many years.

The method chosen will depend on your individual case and requirements. For those who are experiencing ‘general’ hair thinning, camouflage techniques such as tricopigmentation (hair tattooing) could also be considered.

Don’t suffer in silence….

Though women’s hair loss can be unsettling, it’s important to be fully-aware of the reasons for your condition and a no obligation consultation with Dr. Somji could put your mind at ease and be the first step to a solution for you. So why not take that first step? Contact us for more information on 0208 418 0362 today.