Female pattern hair loss (FPHL), also known as androgenic alopecia is a condition which affects more women that you would expect. Around 30% of the female population will experience FPHL at some stage in their lives. This condition can cause extreme emotional upset for women as socially, it is not seen as so common for women to start to lose their hair as it is, perhaps for men.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Whilst in men, pattern baldness usually appears along the hairline, temples and crown, in women the condition more often, will be spread more diffusely throughout the centre of the scalp, behind the hairline.

FPHL in women can be a result of several factors. It tends to occur following the menopause, which suggests that changing levels of oestrogen or other hormones may contribute to the condition. Genetics can also play a part as well as underlying medical conditions, stress and trauma, diet or skin disorders.

To determine the cause of FPHL, is it vital that you attend a medical consultation, so that your medical history can be assessed, to rule out or treat any issues with health or use of certain medications. We also provide blood tests as well as scalp biopsies if necessary to make a diagnosis. This is an important process as it is important to exclude rarer forms of hair loss such as scarring and non scarring alopecias. Depending on the results a non-surgical solution may be able to assist with restoring the lost hair. If this is not the case, stabilising the hair loss in preparation for considered hair transplant surgery may also be possible.

Young woman shows her thinning hair

At Your Hair Doc, we understand that hair loss in women can be a very traumatic, emotional experience and our goal is to offer effective surgical and non-surgical treatments to restore your appearance and confidence. Dr. Somji, one of the worlds’ leading hair restoration surgeons, has expertly selected a wide-range of the most effective treatments and procedures, so that your individual concern can be addressed and you can obtain the superb results that you desire.

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