Why hair transplants can fail

Worrying about whether your hair transplant surgery will work is a natural response and here at YourHairDoc we ensure that you have all the necessary information and advice, prior to deciding about whether the procedure is right for you. Deciding to have any surgical procedure shouldn’t be taken lightly and it’s important to know the positives and negatives and whether you’re a good candidate for surgery before taking steps to have this treatment.

So, what can contribute to a failing hair transplant procedure? We have listed 5 reasons below and the steps to take to avoid disappointment when considering surgery.

Inexperience of the Surgeon

As with any surgery, the experience of the surgeon in hair restoration surgery is vital. FUE and FUT methods are meticulous procedures that require considerable experience and perseverance. Choosing a surgeon who specialises in this field and who knows the delicate intricacies of the grafting stage will maximise the chances of your hair restoration surgery being a success. At YourHairDoc, Dr. Munir Somji is a highly experienced and fully-qualified surgeon with over 1000 successful surgeries under his belt. So you can rest assured that you are in the most expert hands here at our clinic.

Sub-standard Post-op Care

The correct aftercare is as important as the operation in hair transplant surgery. Not only should you receive aftercare instructions and comprehensive information about the care you’ll receive after your surgery, but you’ll should be guided on how to take care of your hair grafts with correct washing and minimal sun exposure post-treatment.

The team here at YourHairDoc are dedicated to offering every patient, the correct aftercare and advice, following surgery, for optimum success.

Unsuitability or a Hair Transplant

A hair transplant can be a life-changing experience for those who are good candidates for treatment. However, not everyone will suit having this surgery. Therefore, it is vital to attend a pre-treatment consultation so that your surgeon can examine you and discuss with you, your medical history.

During this examination, your surgeon should conduct a range of tests and special procedures to evaluate indicators such as the reasons for your hair loss, potential issues with transplant surgery and eligibility of donor hairs. Only then will you be advised to have the treatment.

Here at YourHairDoc, we offer a range of non-surgical alternatives, so that if for any reason, you are not suitable for a surgical procedure, alternatives can be advised and undertaken here at the clinic or at home.

Unscrupulous Hair Transplant Clinics

When researching hair transplant clinics, it’s important to consider that not all people working in cosmetic medicine are always honest and some are out to get as much money as they can from a patient. Therefore, as well as researching the doctor’s experience and qualifications you should carry out research and obtain patient reviews to assess the credibility of your chosen clinic.

A consultation should be under no obligation and if you feel you are being ‘sold’ a treatment rather than your health and individual concern being carefully considered, you may not get the best outcome. Dr. Somji suffered hair loss from the age of 19 and therefore makes it his mission to help those who are experiencing this condition. He has a personal affinity with all his patients and is a highly-professional and caring hair transplant surgeon.

His success comes from successfully treating and changing the lives of over 1000 patients and this caring attitude is reflected in the whole team here at YourHairDoc.

Not Understanding the Procedure

It’s vitally important to understand the results of your hair transplant and that the final results can take several months to reach the desired outcome. Some people can be impatient and want to see remarkable results straight away and when they don’t, consider the surgery to be a ‘failure’. With hair transplant surgery, you must be patient and expect to wait 12 months or more for your results to be fully seen. As we all know, hair takes time to grow; none so true as with new hair transplant grafts.

Before a hair transplant procedure here at YourHairDoc, we will explain what to expect immediately after treatment as well as the months that follow, in your pre-treatment consultation, so that you know what to expect and the time it can take for your final results to appear.

For more information on hair transplant surgery and to book a no obligation consultation with Dr. Somji, contact the team on 0208 418 0362.