Famous Hair Transplant Patients

We all know that there are some celebrities in the public eye who have famously and unashamedly undergone hair restoration therapy. Those such as Wayne Rooney, Elton John and Bono can clearly be seen with a much thicker and healthier head of hair than in years gone by. At YourHairDoc, we salute and praise those in the public eye who are not ashamed to admit or show that they have taken the necessary steps to bring back their confidence (and a healthy head of hair!).

British men are the most common in Europe to worry about hair loss, but ironically are the least likely to do anything about it. Whether this is due to peer pressure, embarrassment or simply a lack of understanding or awareness that there are medically proven surgical and non-surgical treatments and medications that can restore their lost hair and deliver outstanding results, we think this is a bit of a shame.

Therefore, we have put together a list of 5 well-known celebrities both from the UK and further afield that you may have never guessed had hair restoration treatment. You’ll be surprised at the results and some of the unlikely candidates!

Famous hair transplant patients:

  1. Simon Pegg – in 2011 the Shaun Of the Dead star was seen at various premiers, promoting Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol with a much healthier and fuller head of hair with a hairline that had shifted a tad further. It seems that living in LA and starring next to Tom Cruise had encouraged the actor to have a little Hollywood gloss-over and we love it!
  2. Gordon Ramsay – Famous for shouting at his co-stars on his Kitchen Nightmares series, the talented chef and TV star is thought to have sued the PR agency who leaked his suspected hair transplant. We say “bravo” for taking the step to restore areas of loss and improve your looks Gordon!
  3. Matthew McConaughey – this Oscar winning star hasn’t always had flowing locks. By 1999 his once full head of hair started to dwindle. Before being crowned People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2005, he regained that hair which he still has today.
  4. Jeremy Piven – Jermey was clearly balding when he appeared in the ‘90s cult hit PCU. However, by the time he appeared on ‘Entourage’ he had a healthy and thick head of hair. Having more hair has helped Jeremy to evolve in to a more serious actor.
  5. David Beckham – this sporting icon and model may not be spending his days kicking around a soccer ball anymore, but he no longer has a receding hairline either! He fought his hair loss with a transplant and now looks as sexy and handsome as ever!

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