Repairing A Botched Hair Transplant and Scarring

Technologies and techniques in hair transplant surgery have advanced significantly in recent years. However, there are always risks and potential complications with any surgical or indeed non-surgical procedures. You may have had a substandard hair transplant either due to dated techniques, going abroad for treatment with unregistered practitioners or may have simply not been entirely happy with your current results. If you have experienced a botched hair transplant, you’ll know that this can result in uneven hair growth, the implanted hairs falling out and even possible scarring where for example the FUT (STRIP) technique is used.

At YourHairDoc in Loughton and Harley Street, London, we see many patients that have previously had some form hair transplant surgery which has unfortunately not delivered the desired results. The good news is that in most of these cases, something can be done to rectify and repair them. Dr. Munir Somji has treated over one thousand patients with surgical FUE and FUT hair restoration and is a leading figure both in the UK and globally in hair transplant surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Repairing a Botched Hair Tranplant

Dr. Somji is passionate about giving confidence back to his patients and having suffered hair loss himself, knows that hair loss and experiencing a poorly executed hair restoration surgery can lead to feelings of self-consciousness, embarrassment and even depression. To help repair a botched hair transplant, Dr. Somji will first ask to assess your individual concern in a no obligation consultation, so that he can ascertain whether a repair surgery will be possible. Once he has decided on the best course of action for you, he will invite you back to the clinic for your treatment.

To replenish areas of ‘patchiness’ where the hairs have perhaps not taken from hair restoration surgery, Dr. Somji may decide to use the FUE technique, where small groups of individual hair follicles are taken from the scalp and then inserted in to the donor sites. Where there are still large areas of hair loss, he may decide on the FUT (STRIP) technique, where a strip of healthy hair is taken from the back of the scalp and then individual hairs are then re-inserted in to the donor area. In some cases, this may help to repair any existing scarring that may have occurred from a previous FUT surgery. If this is not possible, tricopigmentation might be used to disguise any scars and give the impression of hair growth in that area.

Dr. Somji and his Dr. MediSpa team can also address scarring with a multitude of treatments available.

Whichever technique Dr. Somji decides on, you can rest assured that he has all the necessary medical expertise and accreditations to offer a restorative repair for your concern and bring you back a fuller, healthier looking head of hair.

For more information about repairing sub-standard hair transplants, contact our team on 0208 418 0362.