Your treatment day

Your treatment day has finally arrived and although Dr. Somji will have fully-prepared you with all the information and advice you need during your consultation, at Your Hair Doc, we understand that your treatment day can still be an anxious time. Therefore, we aim to ensure that your treatment with us, is made comfortable, relaxing and stress-free.

Your treatment will take place at our state-of-the-art clinic in Essex, where all CQC regulations are strictly adhered to, ensuring your safety, throughout your time with us at Your Hair Doc. Our team are also able to arrange for overnight stay at our local partnered hotel less than 5 minutes away from the clinic.

Prior to treatment, you will have a meeting with Dr. Somji, who will make a final assessment on your general health and wellbeing and to ensure you understand the procedure about to take place.

Although you are in a clinical environment, we make it our mission to ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed and will guide you at every step of the way, so that you are fully-aware of how the day will unfold.

If you are receiving a local anaesthetic, this will be administered at the precise time, so that it will take effect and so that you are completely comfortable, throughout your treatment.

As you will have been advised, FUE and FUT treatments can take several hours. Therefore, we ensure that you have enough to keep you comfortable and occupied throughout the day. You will be able to watch a movie, use your phone to check emails, or use a tablet computer, during your treatment, so the time should pass quickly for you. Many patients have commented that they have enjoyed their time in surgery with us and that it gives them some time to relax and take a break from their busy schedules, for a while.

Once the procedure is complete, you will be assessed again, to ensure that you are in full health and able to leave the clinic. We will advise you on any aftercare required and will provide you with instructions of when you will need to return to the clinic for examination or further treatment.

You can be sure that for the whole time you are with us, your experience will be a relaxing and re-assuring one and you will soon be able to look forward to your exciting new look – a fuller, thicker and healthier head of hair.