Your First Trip To The Barbers After A Hair Transplant

If you have recently undergone hair transplant surgery, you might be worried about your first visit back to the hairdresser or barbers. It’s quite normal to feel anxious about this, especially if it’s been a while since your last trip.

At YourHairDoc, we aim to give you as much information and reassurance as we can for all aspects of your patient journey with us, from your initial consultation to discharge from clinic and beyond. So, here are some helpful tips for your first hair cut after your hair transplant.

When will I be able to get a haircut after a hair transplant?

Dr. Somji will able to offer you specific advice on the timescales following hair restoration surgery to your first haircut. In general, patients need to wait at least one month following FUE and FUT hair transplant surgery.

During this time, he may suggest using specialist shampoos and conducting specific aftercare instructions to promote healthy and rapid healing as during the initial period following your procedure, your scalp may be more sensitive than usual. It’s during this time that you should resist a visit to the barbers.

Before your first haircut, it’s important to check with Dr. Somji that everything is healing well and you can visit the hair dresser for a trim and style.

Will the barber or hairdresser know how to cut my hair following a transplant?

Hair restoration surgery is hugely popular nowadays with thousands of procedures being undertaken every year in the UK. It’s a very common procedure and most hair dressers and barbers are used to cutting the hair of transplant patients. If you are unsure, it’s worth having a chat with them before booking your appointment to make sure they are happy to serve you.

There is nothing particularly special or different about a scalp with transplanted hair, apart from some possible sensitivity, so if you mention this upon making your appointment, your barber or hairdresser will be accommodating to your needs.

How can I have my hair styled?

Once your hair has been given the time it needs to grow, you can have it styled as you wish. In the earlier stages following hair restoration, a shorter cut may be more suitable and easier to maintain, as well as looking more natural. If you have very light hair, you may be a little self-conscious about looking thinner on top.

Using a mousse or volumising product and blow drying it with a special roll brush can make a big difference and your hair stylist will be able to guide you on how to best style your hair at the different stages of growth.

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